Our Keiki’s Education

Investing in Our Future Generation

We must do better to prepare our children for a globally competitive workfoce. We must invest in facilities for our schools that don’t have space, and continue to provide funding for schools that are in dire need of air conditioning. The state must aggressively pursue policies to work to empower our teachers and administrators with the professional development, resources, and guidance that they need to educate our future generations to come.

–  Invest dollars in the repairing and maintenance of Alva Scott, Pearl Ridge, Webling, Elementary Schools, Aiea Intermediate, and Aiea High School.
–  Invest in programs that recruit, train, and retain local teachers who decide to commit to teaching at our public schools in Hawaii
–   Continue to fight for public funding options for our pre-kindergarteners, ensuring that all of Hawaii’s families have access to early childhood education, greatly increasing their success rate upon entry into our schools