Traffic and Infrastructure

Planning for the Future

We are in the midst of a dramatic transformation of the state of Hawaii. As a long-time resident of Aiea and an elected member of the Aiea Neighborhood Board for over 17 years have seen first-hand the continued growth of our once humble plantation community. With the expected completion of the rail project, the Oahu corridor is expected to continue to grow. We must do a better job of addressing traffic concerns of our residents, whose lives are greatly impacted by the stress of long commutes in traffic.

I believe in smart growth and balanced development in which we address the needs of our growing population with the preservation of culture and community that we hold so dearly here in Aiea. Many of our families have owned and/or lived in these homes for multiple generations, and there is a great sense of pride in that. I believe the state must make the increase of truly affordable housing and rental units, in tandem with infrastructure upgrades and policy making that will ensure that our residents can maintain a quality of life.

As your representative I will work closely with state and city officials to:
– Mitigate serious traffic concerns along Kamehameha Highway, Moanalua Road, and the Hawaii Interstate Highway, in light of the continued ongoing construction of the rail project.
– Facilitate better communication and coordination between city and state officials with the community, to improve our residents quality of life by giving them alternatives and timelines in regards to traffic and construction
– Continue pushing for the H-1 contraflow solution, in order to ease the traffic along the highway and make commute times shorter for those living in our district
– Improve incentives and programs that encourage alternatives to driving which would take cars off the road easing congestion, as well as leaving a positive effect on our environment by reducing the amount of carbon emissions