Finding a Sustainable Way Forward

Our way of life and the future of our keiki, is being threatened by our dependence on fossil fuels. The State of Hawaii should continue its aggressive goals of reducing our carbon footprint from our individual homes, to the state as a whole. It is a win-win situation when we incorporate alternative energy sources into our consumption, and when we have successful programs that encourage recycling, waste minimization, and renewable energy – We preserve our island way of life and its natural beauty while setting a foundation for a future energy policy that will take care of generations to come.

–    I support any efforts to increase HECOs capacity to incorporate photovoltaic to our communities, and fight any pushback for such expansions
–     I support efforts to continue to explore and invigorate alternative energy opportunities locally here in Hawaii, we must continue to think outside of the box thinking in order to meet our future needs.
–      I support aggressive efforts to incorporate “complete street” legislation into planning of existing and new communities, to encourage alternative transportation methods and to support the density growth of our urban core areas
–    I support more H plant technologies for our state, so we can focus converting our trash into energy, instead of creating more landfills
–     I support more funding and public-private partnerships for the research and development of wave technology which could be a substantial energy source