Feeding Our People

There is no reason why Hawaii should not be growing its food. The state must pursue aggressive policies to provide support and incentives to farmers in Hawaii, to lessen our dependence on imported food, and also to provide fresh alternatives, create jobs, and invigorate our local producers and farmers. As we look towards providing our future generations with homes, it is important that we find the delicate balance between preserving prime agricultural lands and provide affordable housing for our keiki.
– I support legislation that would strengthen local farmers’ roles in our local economy – not only since they provide jobs, but they also promote commerce and trade, providing the world with Hawaii’s very own locally produced goods

– I support legislation that would provide incentive to produce more of our own foods to be sold in our own local markets, we must improve upon our ability to be self-sustainable and rely less on food shipped from stateside

– I have significant concerns regarding pesticide use and emerging technologies, and I would continue to seek more efforts for substantive research on the issue for the sake of public health

– I support efforts to provide labeling for GMO foods that are sold in markets; consumers should have a right to know and a right to choose when providing foods for their families

– The rising cost of food makes me uneasy. As a legislator I will support legislation that seek to support local farmers and producers, and ease the cost burden on these folks, to provide

– affordable and quality foods and products available for all