Humble Beginnings

Aiea has been my home all my life – it’s a special place to me and my family. I aspire to public office because I want to serve my fellow residents and neighbors, to be their voice and their conscience in the state legislature. Instead of serving private interests, I pledge to serve only the public interest, and pledge to continue to preserve the historic and charming character of our community while fostering change and growth to provide opportunity for our future generations.

Service to Community

As a lifelong Aiea resident, I truly know the concerns and issues of my neighbors and our community. For over 15 years I have been honored to serve on the Aiea Neighborhood Board, working with the area elected officials and the State and City government to identify, address, and resolve issues concerning Aiea. While on the board, I asked tough questions and raised serious concerns about issues like zoning and land use policy as well as the delivery of government services.


Working in the news and media industry for over a decade as an award winning news videographer, I know firsthand the importance of transparency, honesty and integrity, values which I would use to help me be an effective State Representatives for Aiea residents. Additionally, I produce two cable televisions shows, which require versatility, a tireless work ethic, and creativity. I will use all of my experience to help the broader community – I am passionate about Hawaii’s future and hope to use my voice to make a difference.

Understanding small business, families, and our way of life.

As the owner of several small companies, I know what it takes to run a business. I also know how setbacks in a business can create a ripple effect throughout the community. With this perspective, I understand and support legislation that would keep businesses strong and vital.

Public service focused on people and results.

I would be more than a politician who creates laws. I would be your friend, your neighbor, your fellow citizen who understands what it is like to be impacted by these laws. I have the benefit of more than a decade of news experience, during which time I covered stories that told how new laws affected lives. As an award-winning television news photographer, I can see the big picture.

Creating jobs and providing opportunities. 

Who hasn’t struggled with unemployement or underemployment? I  know first hand how losing a job can affect a person- and a whole community. I was one of nearly 70 employees laid off in 2009 during three station merger. I stood in line with so many others and filed for unemployment. In the years since, I have watched many of my colleagues struggled to find work in a ever-shrinking job market. It was a humbling experience, and has made me want to put job creation issues foremost on my campaign agenda.

A candidate that can get the job done.

One of my previous positions was as a events promoter at Aloha Stadium. I am proud to say I was the only promoter to ever have an internationally sanctioned motorsports event at a temporary venue, something others with far bigger budgets have tried and failed to do. I would bring this creative thinking to the state legislature and put it to work for you!

Tracy Arakaki
Candidate – Hawaii State House District 33

Small Business Owner
Award-Winning News Cameraman
Television Show Producer
17 Years on Aiea Neighborhood Board