Star Advertiser Endorses Arakaki!

The Honolulu Star Advertiser Editorial Board announced their support for candidate for Hawaii State House District 33, Tracy Arakaki, in the following endorsement:

> District 33 (Halawa- Aiea-Newtown): Here’s another winner-take-all Democratic race: freshman legislator Sam Kong faces Tracy Arakaki, in a rematch from two years ago. In 2014, the rivals remained locked in a tight contest all night, before Kong ultimately prevailed.

The affable Kong is a unique candidate, in that he neither accepts campaign donations nor seeks endorsements. His positions, also, are more inclined to stake out causes to make a statement. Arakaki, meanwhile, seems to reflect well the views of this district and its Democratic base. Arakaki, a former TV news cameraman who now owns a production company, deserves a chance to channel his energy for this community, which faces traffic and infrastructure redevelopment challenges.